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The Dedinje palaces (The Royal Palace and the White Palace)

old court

The Royal palaces complex is situated on Dedinje, very famous part of Belgrade, more specifically at the highest point Dedinje’s Hill. It is placed on 135 ha of a beautiful area and the complex of the palaces consists of The Royal Palace, The White Palace and The Royal Chapel of the Holy Apostle Andrew I.

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The most beautiful place since ancient times …


Three-dimensional animated film “The Most Beautiful Place since ancient times” by Marko Radosavljević is probably the best and most original idea of the medieval Belgrade ever made in any kind of technique. The film faithfully presented appearance of the Belgrade Fortress then, the Court of Despot Stefan Lazarević, city ports, streets and squares where you could feel the atmosphere, characteristic for medieval times.

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The city of Belgrade


The beauty of Belgrade was stressed again by the soldiers of the First and Second Crusades, the French and German armoured knights of Gottfried of Bouillon and Frederick Barbarossa, who passed this way at the end of the 11th and in the 12th century. And quite certainly it was loved by the Serbian king Dragutin, who conquered it in 1284. The Despot (ruler) of Serbia, Stephen Lazarevic, wrested it from the Hungarians in 1402 and in the town charter opened his heart:
“…I found that most beautiful place of ancient times, the great town of Belgrade, which had been by chance destroyed and was deserted. I rebuilt it and dedicated it to the Virgin Mary.”

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From Belgrade to Đerdap (Iron gate)


The most attractive excursion from Belgrade is to be had on a trip down the Danube to the Đerdap gorge (“The Iron Gates”), which figures high on the list of natural world attractions. We will mention only a few points of interest for the traveller while in route to his main goal. In addition, this entire stretch of the Danube offers any number of opportunities for fishing.

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Confluence of the Sava and Danube, Belgrade

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Belgrade, exhibition in Knez Mihailova


Belgrade, exhibition in Knez Mihailova

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The Republic Square, Belgrade


Republic Square, Belgrade / monument to Prince Mihailo and the National Theatre

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The Aviation Museum, Belgrade


The Aviation Museum (former The Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum) was founded in 1957 in Beograd within the Air Force Command. The museum is located now at the Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” in a large modern glass building in the round, that looks like spacecraft.

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The Gardoš Tower


The Gardoš Tower, a visual and historical symbol of Zemun, is also famous as the Sibinjanin Janko’s Tower or “Millennium Tower”.

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