Vranje, the best of south Serbia

vranje 300x168 Vranje, the best of south SerbiaVranje is situated in south Serbia, representing the center of the same name municipality in Pčinjski region. It lies in the valley of the Vranjska River, not far from its confluence to the South Morava River. On your way to Macedonia and Greece you do have reason to look up and keep in Vranje. A good geographical location, long tradition in a spa treatment, healing and natural health resources, significant monasteries, museums and archaeological places, important cultural and historical monuments, the holiday resort at the Besna kobila, enviable accommodation and traditional cuisine in many restaurants, represent just some of the tourist offer in this part of Serbia.

When you are in Vranje you should not miss to visit unavoidable house-museum, where was born and lived the great Serbian writer Borisav Stanković. His home was built around 1850 in Baba Zlatina Street which still reminds us of Vranje from old times. While Bora Stanković was alive, his home was sold, but later on it has been bought and turn into a museum in 1967.

One of the very important cultural places in Vranje certainly is the Beli most (The White Bridge) or Most Ljubavi (Bridge of love)-as locals call it. Legendary cultural and historical bridge, which is inscribed in the town’s emblem, is unavoidable even for the loving couples before wedding ceremony. The bridge Beli most, built in 1844 by Selim Beg, is a witness forbidden and fatal love between poor Stojan and rich Aisha.
Tourists are attracted to Pasha’s houses where is placed the National Museum.
At 1881 it was opened Vranjanska High School in the Pasha’s houses, where Bora Stanković attended school too.

We should not disregard the fountain dedicated to the Djerenko in Vranje’s part known as Gornja čaršija, which was built during the Ottoman Empire in memory of his favorite hero Djerzelez Ali, who was unhappy fell in love with a Serb woman.

tradicionalna arhitektura Vranje, the best of south Serbia gradska kuca Vranje, the best of south Serbia

Only 4km from Vranje are the remains of medieval fortress Markovo kale. Former city, which is considered to be the oldest monument of civilization in this area, was built in the late 14th century. The old Turkish bath Hamam, built in the 17th century is an interesting attraction especially knowing the fact that in this bathroom went young women to have spa treatments before the marriage, and this custom is described at the best way in famous novel Nečista krv (impure blood) by Bora Stanković.
Very significant tourist destination in this part of Serbia certainly is Vranjanska Spa- Spa, only ten kilometers far from the city. Around the Vranjanska Spa there are mountains Besna kobila and Veliki Peštar completely covered with green vegetation. So here are summers very pleasant, with warm days and fresh nights and forest protect the Vranjanska Spa from the strong and cold winds. Today Vranjanska Spa represents spa center with the warmest mineral water in Europe (96 ° C) offering unforgettable treatment on the attitude of 380m. A paradise for swimmers and fishermen is nearby Aleksandrovac Lake, and for fans of winter sports there are slopes of the Besna kobila Mount.
This part of Serbia can offer also religious tourism, especially is interesting to visit the monastery of St. Prohor Pčinjski, one of the oldest Serbian holy places. It is the monastery, at the foot of the Kozjak Mountain, which was built in the second half of the 11th century by Byzantine Emperor Roman Diogenes and he dedicated the monastery to his father Prokhorov.

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  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia
  • services sprite Vranje, the best of south Serbia

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