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The city of Belgrade


The beauty of Belgrade was stressed again by the soldiers of the First and Second Crusades, the French and German armoured knights of Gottfried of Bouillon and Frederick Barbarossa, who passed this way at the end of the 11th and in the 12th century. And quite certainly it was loved by the Serbian king Dragutin, who conquered it in 1284. The Despot (ruler) of Serbia, Stephen Lazarevic, wrested it from the Hungarians in 1402 and in the town charter opened his heart:
“…I found that most beautiful place of ancient times, the great town of Belgrade, which had been by chance destroyed and was deserted. I rebuilt it and dedicated it to the Virgin Mary.”

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Gornji Milanovac


In the city, dominate the following buildings: the building of the former City Administration, as old as the city is by itself, where is today the Cultural Centre, Library, Museum of Modern Art, Takovska newspaper and City TV. In front of the building there are white marble statue of Prince Alexander, the city founder, and the Duke Milan Obrenović as well as the bust of the famous Živojin Mišić who was just from this building leaded the Suvoborska-Kolubarska battle in 1914.

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